v., n., & int.
1 a intr. (often foll. by at) use one's sight; turn one's eyes in some direction. b tr. turn one's eyes on; contemplate or examine (looked me in the eyes).
2 intr. a make a visual or mental search (I'll look in the morning). b (foll. by at) consider, examine (we must look at the facts).
3 intr. (foll. by for) a search for. b hope or be on the watch for. c expect.
4 intr. inquire (when one looks deeper).
5 intr. have a specified appearance; seem (look a fool; look foolish).
6 intr. (foll. by to) a consider; take care of; be careful about (look to the future). b rely on (a person or thing) (you can look to me for support). c expect; count on; aim at.
7 intr. (foll. by into) investigate or examine.
8 tr. (foll. by what, where, etc. + clause) ascertain or observe by sight (look where we are).
9 intr. (of a thing) face or be turned, or have or afford an outlook, in a specified direction.
10 tr. express, threaten, or show (an emotion etc.) by one's looks.
11 intr. (foll. by that + clause) take care; make sure.
12 intr. (foll. by to + infin.) expect (am looking to finish this today).
1 an act of looking; the directing of the eyes to look at a thing or person; a glance (a scornful look).
2 (in sing. or pl.) the appearance of a face; a person's expression or personal aspect.
3 the (esp. characteristic) appearance of a thing (the place has a European look).
—int. (also look here!) calling attention, expressing a protest, etc.
Phrases and idioms:
look after
1 attend to; take care of.
2 follow with the eye.
3 seek for. look one's age appear to be as old as one really is. look-alike a person or thing closely resembling another (a Prince Charles look-alike). look alive (or lively) colloq. be brisk and alert. look as if suggest by appearance the belief that (it looks as if he's gone).
look back
1 (foll. by on, upon, to) turn one's thoughts to (something past).
2 (usu. with neg.) cease to progress (since then we have never looked back).
3 Brit. make a further visit later. look before you leap avoid precipitate action. look daggers see DAGGER. look down on (or upon or look down one's nose at) regard with contempt or a feeling of superiority. look for trouble see TROUBLE. look forward to await (an expected event) eagerly or with specified feelings. look in make a short visit or call. look-in n.
1 an informal call or visit.
2 a chance of participation or success (never gets a look-in). look a person in the eye (or eyes or face) look directly and unashamedly at him or her.
look like
1 have the appearance of.
2 Brit. seem to be (they look like winning).
3 threaten or promise (it looks like rain).
4 indicate the presence of (it looks like woodworm).
look on
1 (often foll. by as) regard (looks on you as a friend; looked on them with disfavour).
2 be a spectator; avoid participation. look oneself appear in good health (esp. after illness etc.).
look out
1 direct one's sight or put one's head out of a window etc.
2 (often foll. by for) be vigilant or prepared.
3 (foll. by on, over, etc.) have or afford a specified outlook.
4 search for and produce (shall look one out for you).
look over
1 inspect or survey (looked over the house).
2 examine (a document etc.) esp. cursorily (shall look it over).
look round
1 look in every or another direction.
2 examine the objects of interest in a place (you must come and look round sometime).
3 examine the possibilities etc. with a view to deciding on a course of action. look-see colloq. a survey or inspection. look sharp act promptly; make haste (orig. = keep strict watch). look small see SMALL.
look through
1 examine the contents of, esp. cursorily.
2 penetrate (a pretence or pretender) with insight.
3 ignore by pretending not to see (I waved, but you just looked through me). look up 1 search for (esp. information in a book).
2 colloq. go to visit (a person) (had intended to look them up).
3 raise one's eyes (looked up when I went in).
4 improve, esp. in price, prosperity, or well-being (things are looking up all round). look a person up and down scrutinize a person keenly or contemptuously. look up to respect or venerate. not like the look of find alarming or suspicious.
-looking adj. (in comb.).
Etymology: OE locian f. WG

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